Sborník 2023

Léta putování: člověk na cestách v dlouhém 19. století [Years of Wandering: Man on the Road in the Long 19th Century]. Praha, Academia 2024, 371 pp., b/w and color illustrations, index of names, summary. Edited by Zdeněk Hojda and Eva Bendová.

Traveling between Education and Idelness

Miroslav Paulíček

Kant travelled little and yet became Kant, or by Travelling to Education?
pp. 9–13 (Czech), 14 (English)

Jan Pezda

Spas as institutional unconsciousness of bourgeoisie
pp. 9–15, 14 (English)

Zdeněk Hojda

Cavalier Travels in the 19th Century
pp. 37–43, summary 44 (English)

Marcela Zemanová

The Spanish Adventure of Karel Maria Chotek
pp. 46–58, summary 59 (English)

Eva Bendová – Václav Hájek

Distance, Speed, Depth. Changing Perceptions of Landscape as a Result of Modernisation of Travel During the 19th century
pp. 60–71, summary 71–72 (English)

Sources and Reflections on Travel: Transformations of the Travel Book in the 19th Century

Daniela Tinková

Peregrin Stilwasser’s Spiritual Pilgrimage Through Enlightenment-Period Bohemia and Through His Own Destiny. A Fictional Travelogue in the Context of Social and Political Satire During Josephinism
pp. 77–91, summary 91–92 (English)

Veronika Faktorová

Against Social and Literary Conventions. Ida Pfeiffer on Her Journey to the Holy Land and Egypt
pp. 84–105 (Czech), 105–106 (English)

Marianna Koliová

Identity Issues in Daniel Šustek's Travelogues
pp. 107–119 (Czech), 120 (English)

Jan Šejbl

The Marvellous Travels of Joe Hloucha
pp. 122–136 (Czech), 136–137 (English)

Traveling artist and traveling for artists

Marta Ottlová

Smetana's Travels to Franz Liszt
pp. 141–145 (Czech), 145 (English)

Michal Fránek – Jiří Kopecký

Czech Travels to Richard Wagner
pp. 147–157 (Czech), 157–158 (English)

Viera Bartková

An Artist's Journey to Rome in Search of Knowledge and Self-Knowledge
pp. 159–169 (Czech), 170 (English)

Pavla Machalíková

Why and Where Josef Führich and Josef Mánes Journeyed
pp. 172–180 (Czech), 181 (English)

Wandering and Landscape

Katarína Beňová

Slovak Tinkers as Social Nomads and Their Depiction in 19th Century Art
pp. 185–194 (Czech), 194–195 (English)

Jana Mezerová

German wandering. The Journey of Anton Amand Paudler and August Frind from Ještěd to Růžovský vrch
pp. 197–209 (Czech), 210 (English)

Václav Maidl

Wandering Šumava Natives in Real Life and Literature
pp. 212–221 (Czech), 221 (English)

Tomáš Korbel

Between Romantic Imagination and Documentary Journey. The Image of the Lusatian-Serbian Landscape in the 19th Century Through the Eyes of Central European Travellers
pp. 212–221 (Czech), 221 (English)

Work and business trip

Marie Macková

Journeys Ordered, or the Official on the Move
pp. 239–244 (Czech), 244 (English)

Peter Macho

Official and Private Travelling in the Life of Slovak Protestant Priests in the Long 19th Century
pp. 246–255 (Czech), 256 (English)

Milan Hlavačka

Railway Traveller Eduard Bazika, or Travelling with Wife
pp. 258–269 (Czech), 269 (English)

Ladislav Futtera

Coachmen and Their World as Reflected in Czech Literature of the Late “Long” 19th Century
pp. 271–281 (Czech), 282 (English)

Artworks and artists on European travels

Jana Laslavíková

Muses on the Road: Theatre Director Emanuel Raul and his Work in Karlovy Vary, Pressburg and Timi?oara at the end of the 19th Century
pp. 287––296 (Czech), 297–298 (English)

Lucie Česká

The Journey of a Gallery Owner and a Painting. Mikoláš Lehmann and His European Exhibition Tour with Veraikon by Gabriel Max
pp. 300–308 (Czech), 309 (English)

Lenka Merglová Pánková

“Oblomov” from Plzeň Travelling to Paris and St. Petersburg
pp. 311–318 (Czech), 318–319 (English)

Overseas and exotic travel

Lenka Křížová

Motivations of Czech Emigrants to Leave for the USA before 1918
pp. 323–333 (Czech), 334 (English)

Tomáš Winter

With Prazdroj to Africa. Emil Holub's Journeys Between Reality and Myth
pp. 336–346 (Czech), 346 (English)
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