Sborník 2022

Dílo a proměna myšlení v české kultuře 19. století [The Work and Transformation of Thought in Nineteent-Century Czech Culture]. Praha Academia, 2022, 256 stran, čb a bar. vyobrazení, jmenný rejstřík, resumé. ISBN 978-80-200-3420-5. K vydání připravily Taťána Petrasová a Pavla Machalíková.


Josef Vojvodík

"Artwork" as Metaphor and Artifact
pp. 9–21 (Czech), summary p. 21 (English)

The autonomy of the work and the canon

Claire Madl

Once More on Voltaire’s "Work" in Bohemia, or Why Dobrovský Postponed Reading It
pp. 25–41 (Czech), summary p. 41 (English)

Ondřej Horák

"...but the soul of the Sribe is essentially different." On the Meaning, Character adn Changes of the General Civil Code (1811)
pp. 42–53 (Czech), summary p. 53 (English)

Dalibor Dobiáš

"Pouhé Lumíra jmě přešlo na potomky": The Bards in the Manuscripts and Debates on National Literature
pp. 54–68 (Czech), summary p. 68 (English)

Veronika Vejvodová

World Theme in Czech Guise. Early Reception of Dvořák’s Rusalka
pp. 69–82 (Czech), summary p. 83 (English)

Jiří Zahrádka

Janáček’s Jenůfa as Realistic Opera
pp. 84–94 (Czech), summary p. 94 (English)

Tomáš Murár

Max Dvořák and Turn of Art (History) to Work of Art
pp. 95–107 (Czech), summary p. 106–107 (English)

The Work and its author

Luboš Velek

On Semantic Transformation of the Term "výtečník"
pp. 111–122 (Czech), summary p. 121–122 (English)

Markéta Theinardt

Aspirations for a Masterpiece
pp. 123–133, resumé s. 132–133 (English)

Karel Šima

The Performativity of Author and Work in Shakespearean Festivities of 1864
pp. 134–144 (Czech), summary p. 145 (English)

Miloš Ševčík

On Focillon’s Reflections on the Relationship between Art and Environment: the "Relative Event" in 19th century Czech Culture
pp. 146–151 (Czech), 152 (English)

Anja Bunzel

The Prager musikalisches ALbum (1838) and the Nineteenth-Century Salon as Cultural Practice
pp. 153–167 (English), 167 (English)

Jan Mergl

Small / Big: Upadate und Innovation in Relationship between Glass Engravers and Subjects of their Work
pp. 168–175 (Czech), 176 (English)

Xavier Galmiche

Modification / Reduction /Trivialisation: Czech Editions and Adaptations ofFrench Medieval Legend of Beautiful Maguelonne in the 19th and 20th centuries
pp. 177–187 (Czech), 187–188 (English)

Ľubica Schmarcová

Romantic Work as Literary Historical Interpretation
pp. 189–196 (Czech), 196 (English)

Founding work

Miloš Havelka

Persisting Perspective: 40 Years of Efforts to Sustain (Trans)Disciplinary Discussion
pp. 199–208 (Czech), 208 (English)

Dalibor Tureček

Taťána Petrasová

19th Century Methodology of Art History and Research from the Perspective of Progress
pp. 220–231 (Czech), 232 (English)

Taťána Petrasová – Pavla Machalíková

In conclusion
pp. 237–240
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