Sborník 2015

Neviditelná loajalita. Rakušané, Němci, Češi v české kultuře 19. století [ Unvisible Loyalty. The Astrians, Germans and Czechs in the Czech Culture of 19th Century]. Prague, Academia 2016, 355 pp., bw and color images, index, summary. ISBN 978-80-200-2562-3. Editors Václav Petrbok, Taťána Petrasová, and Pavla Machalíková.

Neviditelná loajalita. Rakušané, Němci, Češi v české kultuře 19. století

Václav Petrbok

pp. 7–8 (Czech), pp. Summary 9–10 (English)

Moritz Czáky

Bohemia in Central Europe: The Multivalent and Contradictory Memory of a Region
pp. 13–22 (German), Summary p. 23 (English)

Mila Řepa

State – Country – Nation: The Loyalty of Moravian Czechs and Germans
pp. 24–30 (Czech), Summary pp. 30–31 (English)

Martin Pelc

Erwin Hanslik and His Search for a Austrian Identity
pp. 32–42 (Czech), Summary p. 42 (English)

Marek Fapšo

The Origin of Language and Origin in Language. On Early Revivalist Loyalties in the Lands of the Czech Crown circa 1800
pp. 43–49 (Czech), Summary p. 50 (English)

Steffen Höhne

Loyalty as a Philosophical and Political Concept: Bernard Bolzano’s Erbauungsreden as an Invitation to Loyalty
pp. 53–67 (Czech), Summary p. 67 (English)

Václav Smyčka

Dedacations as a Symbolic Code of Loyalties in Science during the Enlightenment and Pre-1848 Periods
pp. 69–77 (Czech), Summary pp. 77–78 (English)

Marcin Filipowicz

The Czech National Army in Defence of the Habsburg Empire
pp. 79–85 (Czech), Summary p. 86 (English)

Michal Frankl

A ‘National Centrifuge’: The discourse of Jewish (Dis)Loyalte in the Shadow of the First World War
pp. 87–93 (Czech), Summary p. 94 (English)

Kamila Mádrová

Dynastic Loyalty or Advertising Label? Crown Prince Rudolf as a Commercial Brand
pp. 95–100 (Czech), Summary p. 101 (English)

Antonie Doležalová

Respecting the Emperor, Loving Money
pp. 101–109 (Czech), Summary p. 109 (English)

Rudolf Jaworski

The Cult of Bismarck among Czech Germans before 1913
pp. 110–117 (Czech), Summary p. 117 (English)

Radek Malý

The Loyalty of an Anarchist: Hugo Sonnenschein
pp. 118–126 (Czech), Summary p. 127 (English)

Jindřich Vybíral

The Viennese Style before Albert Ilg: Genesis, Function, and Reception
pp. 131–143 (Czech), Summary pp. 143–144 (English)

Pavla Machalíková

Czech versus German? Discussions of Style in Prague in the 1820s
pp. 145–155 (Czech), Summary p. 156 (English)

Taťána Petrasová

Loyalty as a Theme of Artistic Strategy
pp. 157–163 (Czech), Summary p. 163 (English)

Zdeněk Hojda

Monuments as an Expression of Loyalty? monuments to Czech Germans in the 19th Century
pp. 164–181 (Czech), Summary p. 181–182 (English)

Martin Krummholz

The (Dis)loyal Stanislav Sucharda
pp. 183–193 (Czech), Summary p. 194 (English)

Dalibor Tureček

Loyalty as a Factor in Literature
pp. 197–211 (Czech), Summary p. 212 (English)

Iva Krejčová

The ‘Loyal’ Strategy in Šebestián Hněvkovský’s Epic Děvín
pp. 213–222 (Czech), Summary p. 223 (English)

Zuzana Urválková

Czech(-Exclusive) Publishers and Their German-Speaking Readers
pp. 224–228 (Czech), Summary p. 229 (English)

Ursula Stohler

Invisible Loyalty to German Bestsellers: German Facts in the Czech Translation of E. Marlitt’s Novel ‘Die zweite Frau’ (1874
pp. 230–236 (Czech), Summary p. 237 (English)

Marek Nekula

Linguistic Loyalty and Linguistic Reality: The Languages of Bedřich Smetana
pp. 238–251 (Czech), Summary pp. 251–252 (English)

Alena Šimůnková

The Schiller Celebrations in Prague in 1859: A Barometer of Loyalties?
pp. 253–260 (Czech), Summary p. 260 (English)
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