Sborník 2020

From work to entertainment: Spare time in Czech culture of the 19th century, Prague, Academia, 434 pages, b / w and color illustrations, index of names, summary. Edited by Zdeněk Hojda and Eva Bendová.

From work to entertainment: Spare time in Czech culture of the 19th century

Miroslav Paulíček

Paradoxes of Leisure – Constant Bustle, Idleness and Civilization
pp. 9–13 (Czech), Summary p. 14 (English)

Milena Lenderová

"Let us use our free time to reorganise our pantries." The Female World between Work and Play
pp. 14–25 (Czech), Summary pp. 26–27 (English)

Martin Hrdina

The Poet’s Window into Time. Boredom as a Suppressed Agent of the Artistic Maturation of Jaroslav Vrchlický
pp. 31–39 (Czech), Summary p. 40 (English)

Milan Ducháček

From Summer Homes to the Labourer’s Canteen. The Pragmatization of "Mental Workers" from Jaroslav Goll to Aleš Hrdlička
pp. 42–58 (Czech), Summary pp. 58–59 (English)

Eva Bednová a Václav Hájek

Badaut, Flâneur, Spectator and Staring into Nothing as a Leisure Activity
pp. 61–68 (Czech), Summary pp. 68 (English)

Pavla Machalíková

A Circus Spectacle – Distraction, Concentration?
pp. 73–81 (Czech), Summary pp. 81–82 (English)

Martin Pelc

Football As a Spectacle. Football Audiences in Prague Prior to the First World War
pp. 83–94 (Czech), Summary pp. 94–95 (English)

Lucie Kořínková a Pavel Kořínek

On the Geishas from Vršovice. Hlouch’s Dab of the Exotic as a Contribution to Types of Entertainment Offered by the Capital City
pp. 96–105 (Czech), Summary pp. 106 (English)

Berenika Zemánková Urbanová

Animal Imitator and Monkey Role Specialist Eduard Klischnigg and His Performances in the Czech Lands
pp. 108–119 (Czech), Summary pp. 119 (English)

Andrea Vítová

A Play for the Informed. Rhyming Riddles in National Revival Magazines
pp. 123–130 (Czech), Summary pp. 131 (English)

Marcela Zemanová

Photography as a Family Pastime of Karel and Ada Chotek
pp. 133–143 (Czech), Summary pp. 143–144 (English)

Richard Moravec

Leisurely Activities at the beginning of the Workers’ Gymnastics Unions
pp. 149–157 (Czech), Summary pp. 158 (English)

Jan Pezda

The Cult of Flesh. Bodybuilding, "Masculinity" and Frištejnský around the Year 1900
pp. 160–185 (Czech), Summary pp. 185–186 (English)

Vojtěch Pojar

Eugenic, Mass Gymnastics, and the Sokol Movement, 1910–1930
pp. 188–197 (Czech), Summary pp. 185–186 (English)

Helena Hloušková

Sports in the Diary of Count Arnošt Chotek
pp. 198–208 (Czech), Summary pp. 208 (English)

Michal Fránek

"Tis beautiful in the spa towns, since one finds much pleasure there for one’s health to suit one’s tastes." The Spa Town Topos in Czech Literature in the 19th Century
pp. 210–217 (Czech), Summary pp. 217–218 (English)

Zdeněk Hojda

"Spaziergang, a Place or a Spot where People Take Walks"
pp. 221–236 (Czech), Summary pp. 237 (English)

Lucie Heilandová

Brno Painter František Richter and His Painting from the Life of the Brno Bourgeoisie
pp. 239–248 (Czech), Summary pp. 248 (English)

Ladislav Futtera

"Let Love Be Our Guide and Czech Mountains be Our Love." Giant Mountains Tourism Between Romanticism, Realism and Nationalism
pp. 250–261 (Czech), Summary pp. 262 (English)

Tomáš Dvořák

After Awful Bursa and Divoká Šárka Comes Rescue at St. Tomas. Excursions of Fictional and Actual Prague Residents at the Start of the Popularization of Tourism
pp. 264–273 (Czech), Summary pp. 273–274 (English)

Marcela Šášinková

"Off to Roztoky! On Foot, on Bike or by Train..." Airy Spa for Prague Residents
pp. 276–288 (Czech), Summary pp. 288–289 (English)

Václav Matoušek

To the Mill, to the Sawmill or to a Knackery? A Variation on Summer Homes in Secluded Areas of the Countryside in the "Long 19th Century"
pp. 290–300 (Czech), Summary p. 301 (English)

Jan Štemberk

Organised Train Tours – A Symbiosis of the Railway and Leisure
pp. 304–315 (Czech), Summary pp. 315 (English)

Lenka Křupková

A Stay in Nature as a Form of Relaxation, a Status Symbol and Inspiration for Composers of the European Modern
pp. 317–326 (Czech), Summary pp. 326–327 (English)

Blanka Hemelíková

"We Were Four – George, William Samuel Harris, Me and Montmorency." Response to the Work of Jerome Klapka Jerome, Reveler of Excursions and Idleness in Czech Literature
pp. 329–335 (Czech), Summary p. 336 (English)

Tomáš Bernhardt

All the Pianos in Pilsen and Leisure in the Journal of Student Smetana
pp. 341–350 (Czech), Summary p. 351 (English)

Daniela Čadková

"A Tragedy Turned Upside Down." Amateur Parodical Operetta and Its Place in Folk Entertainment
pp. 353–361 (Czech), Summary p. 361 (English)

Marie Macková

Lumpenball – A Ball that Did Not Have a Czech Name
pp. 363–370 (Czech), Summary pp. 370–371 (English)

Marie Fiřtová

Nimrods – on One of the Table Societies
pp. 372–382 (Czech), Summary pp. 382–383 (English)

Jan Šejbl

The World in Luminous Pictures. The Phenomenon of Travel Lectures with Slide Shows
pp. 387–395 (Czech), Summary p. 396 (English)

Ivan Klimeš

And how about Going to the Moving Pictures?
pp. 398–404 (Czech), Summary pp. 404–405 (English)
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