Jan Hozák

The Man and the Machine
pp. 9–20 (Czech), Summary p. 21 (English)

Jiří Hájek

From Mercantilism to Economic Nationalism
pp. 22–30 (Czech), Summary p. 31 (English)

Ivan Jakubec

A Rich Network of Waterways as the ‘Panacea’ of the Cisleithanian Society?
pp. pp. 32–41 (Czech), Summary p. 41–42 (English)

Aleš Haman

The Man and the Machine in Ctech Literary Naturalism
pp. pp.43–49 (Czech), Summary p. 50 (English)

Milada Sekyrková

The Standard of Technical Education in the Austrian Monarchy and its Being Surpassed: The Case of Karel Václav Zenger
pp. 53–62 (Czech), Summary p. 50 (English)

Hynek Stříteský

Machine Drawings from the 19th Century in the Collections of the Archives of the National Technical Museum
pp. 64–72 (Czech), summary 75 (English)

Milena Secká

Industrial Exhibitions of Vojta Náprstek
pp. 74–79 (Czech), summary 80 (English)

Kateřina Kuthanová

A Female Artist in the Context of the Industrial World
pp. 81–88 (Czech), summary 89 (English)

Pavel Scheufler

Stereophotography in the Kingdom of Bohemia
pp. 90–102 (Czech), summary 102 (English)

Pavla Machalíková

The Panorama and Techniques of Illusion
pp. 103–113 (Czech), summary 114 (English)

Milan Hlavačka

The Super Machin of the 19th Century and a New Organisations of Time, Space and Society
pp. 117–129 (Czech), summary 129–130 (English)

Vladislav Krátký

People and Cannons in the Škoda Works in Pilsen
pp. 131–144 (Czech), summary 144 (English)

Tomáš Winter

The Blacks and the Car
pp. 145–153 (Czech), summary 154 (English)

Petr Lyko

The Influence of Factory and Mass Production on Pipe-Organ Building in the 19th Century
pp. 155–159 (Czech), summary p. 159 (English)

Jan Mergl

The Machine – Propeller of Handicraft? The Introduction of Machines in the Branches of Handicraft
pp. 161–165, summary p. 166

Radim Vondráček

Kunst-Industrie in the Conception of Rudolf Eitelberger
pp. 167–180, summary pp. 180–181

Kateřina Piorecká

Machine Work. On the Technology of Writing before 1914
pp. 182–195, summary p. 195–196

Dagmar Mocná

Jan Neruda’ Rhymed Feuilletons
pp. 197–207, summary p. 208

Alena Jakubcová

The Actor and the Machine
pp. 211–219, summary pp. 219–220

Taťána Součková – Pavel Scheufler

The Theatre and Light
pp. 221–228, summary pp. 228–229

Jitka Sedlářová

Salm’s English Dream and Förster’s Experiment with Cast-Iron Houses
pp. 230–240, summary p. 241

Michael Wögerbauer

Innovations at the TIme of Privileges: Höchenberger’s Invention of a Field Printing Press
pp. 242–250, summary p. 250

Ivan Klimeš

The Story and the Loop. Cinematograph vs. Kinetoscope
pp. 253–260, summary pp. 260–261

Matěj Kratochvíl

Music from an Objective Machine> Folk Music and the Phonograph
pp. 262–268, summary p. 269

Kateřina Svatoňová

The Media Varieties of Czech Modernity
pp. 270–282, summary pp. 282–283

Alice Dubská

Life through Machines or Tschugmall’s Automata in the Czech Lands
pp. 284–292, summary p. 293

Antonín Švejda

Automatic Musical Machines in the Bohemian Lands in the 19th and in the Early 20th Centuries

Šárka Leubnerová

Piepnehagen’s Samplers: A Serial Production of Landcape Paintings for the Purposes of Business Offers
pp. 306–311, summary p. 311

Taťána Petrasová

The Machine between the Fine and Mechanical Arts
pp. 312–313, summary p. 314
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