Plzeňské sympozia

Jiří Rak

Hoaxes in 19th century Czech culture
pp. 9–16 (Czech), Summary 16–17 (English)

Pavel Janoušek

Vladimír Macura. Birth of the national mythology as a theoreticla construct and a practical act
pp. 18–26 (Czech), Summary pp. 26–27 (English)

Peter Deutschmann

Mystification from the firs to the nth degree
pp. 28–37 (Czech), Summary p. 37 (English)

Lenka Řezníková

Literary modernism and the truth behind hoaxes. The symbolist conception of hoaxes between gnoseological enthusiasm and epistemological skepticism
pp. 38-44 (Czech), Summary p. 45 (English)

Dalibor Dobiáš

The forged manuscripts and Polish homecomings to national poetry
pp. 49–57 (Czech), Summary pp. 57–58 (English)

David L. Cooper

Author – translator – forger. Translation and mystification in Hanka's Serbian Folk Muses and Pushkin's Songs of the Western Slavs
pp. 59–68 (Czech), Summary p. 69 (English)

Petr Píša

The second part of the Dvůr Králové manuscript and its discoverer Antonín Pfleger Kopidlanský
pp. 70–78 (Czech), Summary p. 78 (English)

Roman Prahl – Pavla Machalíková

From restoration to forgery – from forgery to inspired creative work. František Tkadlík
pp. 79–91 (Czech), Summary pp. 91–92 (English)

Xavier Galmiche

The first French translations of the forged manuscripts in the 19th century – Jean-Jacques Ampere, Frédéric-Gustav Eichhoff - and the methodology of comparative cultural history
pp. 93–106 (Czech), Summary p. 107 (English)

Blanka Hemelíková

The reception of the forged manuscripts in humour and satire
pp. 108–118 (Czech), Summary pp. 117–118 (English)

Vít Vlnas

Famous and phoney – the forefathers of Czech art. Božetěch – Tomáš of Mutina – Zbyšek of Trotina
pp. 121–138 (Czech), Summary pp. 137–138 (English)

David Venclík

The putative guard of the St Václav crown. The symbolism of Karlštejn Castle in the context of the Czech state rights programme
pp. 139–145 (Czech), Summary p. 145 (English)

Zdeněk Hrbata

‘Slav’ Italy and ‘our ancestors the Gauls’ – a comparative view of some Slavomanic and Celtomanic constructs
pp. 146–155 (Czech), Summary p. 156 (English)

Taťána Petrasová

Marie Macková

19th century war reporting – a tribute to the heroes or mystification?
pp. 166–174 (Czech), Summary p. 175 (English)

Václava Kofránková

Stručný dějepis Čech (A Brief History of Bohemia) or history with an overview
pp. 176–183 (Czech), Summary pp. 183–184 (English)

Milan Ducháček

The Czechoslovak nation as an ideal and a desire
pp. 185–197 (Czech), Summary p. 197 (English)

Michal Lutovský

19th century archeology: a heaven of fiction and a hell of errors
pp. 201–210 (Czech), Summary p. 210 (English)

Matěj Kratochvíl

Unreliable recorders – Collectors of folk songs as inventors of tradition
pp. 211–217 (Czech), Summary p. 217 (English)

Jiří Kopecký

Czech musicology and Czech music: unwanted coexistence?
pp. 218–226 (Czech), Summary pp. 226–227 (English)

Ivana Čornejová

The Krkonoše fiction of Ludmila Grossmannová-Brodská. On the margins of Krakonoš's ethnic conception
pp. 231–236 (Czech), Summary p. 237 (English)

Jana Mezerová

Citizen guardsman parades – acts of mystification and the instrumentalization of history, their motivation and methods of putting guardsman associations into operation
pp. 238–246 (Czech), Summary p. 247 (English)

Martin Pelc

Šlarafie prankster societies – the playful element in 19th century culture
pp. 248–256 (Czech), Summary p. 257 (English)

Lenka Pořízková

Methodological issues surrounding research into (literary) hoaxes
pp. 261–269 (Czech), Summary p. 270 (English)

Milena Lenderová

Marie Čacká in the context of ‘women's’ hoaxes
pp. 271–279 (Czech), Summary p. 280 (English)

Nina Milotová

‘So long as nations and minstrels sing...’ The well-concealed work of Ervín Špindler
pp. 281–287 (Czech), Summary p. 287 (English)

Dana Hučková

Functions and forms of pseudonyms in Slovak literature at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries
pp. 288–296 (Czech), Summary pp. 296–297 (English)

Eugen Brikcius

The political travesty of Jaroslav Hašek as the ‘short link’ between classic 19th century hoaxes and ‘new’ hoaxes
pp. 298–304 (Czech), Summary p. 304 (English)
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