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Sborník 2017

Světlo, stíny, tma v české kultuře 19. století [Lights, Shadows, and Darkness in the Bohemian Culture of the 19th Century], Prague, Academia 2018, 318 pp., bw. and color images, index, English and German summary. ISBN 978-80-200-2819-8. Editors Zdeněk Hojda, Marta Ottlová, and Roman Prahl.

Světlo, stíny, tma v čeksé kultuře 19. století

Miloš Havelka

Foreword: Notes on the Imagery of the Theme
pp. 7–15 (Czech), Summary p. 15 (English)

Jiří Žůrek

The Enlightenment of František Faustin Procházka (1749-1809)
pp. 19–24 (Czech), Summary p. 25 (English)

Zdeněk R. Nešpor

The Light of Sociology above the Czech Basin
pp. 28–34 (Czech), Summary pp. 34-35 (English)

Ivana Čornejová

Who Were the Obscurantists in the 19th Century?
pp. 34–44 (Czech), Summary pp. 44-45 (English)

Vít Vlnas

Darkness before Darkness (and Afterwards)
pp. 47–60 (Czech), Summary pp. 60-61 (English)

Aleš Filip and Roman Musil

The "Nocturnal Life of the Soul" in the Work of the Painters Gabriel von Max and Albert von Keller
pp. 65–75 (Czech), Summary p. 76 (English)

Martin Hrdina

The Discovery of Inner Light in the Soul of Modern People
pp. 78–86 (Czech), Summary pp. 87 (English)

Marta Ottlová

Czech Variantion on a Scene of Madness in 19th-Century Opera
pp. 89–91 (Czech), Summary pp. 91 (English)

Daniela Tinková

The Dark Corners of the Mind. The Issue of the Medical Explanation of the Darkened Reason of Suicides
pp. 93–109 (Czech), Summary pp. 110 (English)

Tomáš Kolich

Light Effects in Jakub Arbes’ ‘Romanetta’
pp. 113–124 (Czech), Summary pp. 124–125 (English)

Pavel Šidlák

The Water Spirit, the ‘Prince of Death and Darkness’
pp. 129–137 (Czech), Summary pp. 137–138 (English)

Kateřina Piorecká

"How Nice It Was in the Sitting Room When It had Grown Dark!" The Black Hour and Refleciton on it in 19th-Century Czech Literature
pp. 139–149 (Czech), Summary pp. 150–151 (English)

Lydia Petráňová

"There Is Light in the Fireplace, Grandmother Nods Off, the Girls Spin Soft Flax." How our Ancestors Used to Light Their Home
pp. 152–161 (Czech), Summary pp. 162 (English)

Václav Smyčka

Optical Devices in Literature around the Year 1800
pp. 167–179 (Czech), Summary pp. 179–180 (English)

Petra Trnková

The Schuh’s Projection Microscope and the "Daguerreotype in Practice"
pp. 182–191 (Czech), Summary pp. 191 (English)

Petr Wittlich

Light and Sculpture
pp. 195–201 (Czech), Summary pp. 201-202 (English)

Taťána Petrasová

The Concept of the Cave and the Theory of All Art
pp. 203–216 (Czech), Summary pp. 216-217 (English)

Jindřich Vybíral

"The Solid Stone and its Sunshine". An Attempt to Interpret the Viennese Work of Josip Plečnik
pp. 219–227 (Czech), Summary pp. 228 (English)

Jan Mergl

Against the Light: Dekorative Sheet Glass in Plzeň 1890–1910
pp. 230–239 (Czech), Summary pp. 239–240 (English)

Eva Bendová

Marie Rakušanová

The Sharp Edges of Light and Shade. Bohumil Kubišta’s Polemic with Cubism
pp. 251–260 (Czech), Summary pp. 260–262 (English)

Andrea Pokludová

Public Lighting in Towns and Illumination during the Time of the "Long" Nineteenth Century
pp. 265–274 (Czech), Summary pp. 274–275 (English)

Hana Svatošová

Public Lighting in Prauge – Lighting the Pathway to the Wealth of the Modern City
pp. 276–286 (Czech), Summary pp. 286–287 (English)

Marta Ottlová and Martin Šochman

Light in the Theater needs Darkness
pp. 289–294 (Czech), Summary pp. 295 (English)
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