Miloš Havelka

Persisting Perspective: 40 Years of Efforts to Sustain (Trans)Disciplinary Discussion

pp. 199–208 (Czech), 208 (English)

The essay deals with more than forty years of the so-called Pilsen "Interdisciplinary Symposia on the Problems of the 19th Century". These meetings between representatives of official science and authors who were just tolerated outside of Prague and members of the coming generation created a rare opportunity for the humanities in the 1980s. The common theme here was materially elaborated events and spiritual currents of the "long 19th century", repeatedly exposed to a transdisciplinary, comparative and theoretical-philosophical approach. In doing so, they thus point to a generational shift in the understanding and treatment of particular themes that has occurred over the years, such as the transition from "romance" to "satire". Trough the sociologization of these modes of historical
narrative in Hayden White's nineteenth century "metahistory", they point to a more general "foil" of understanding of the relationship between origin and presence in than to current situation of so-called "normalisation" (1970-1989).

Keywords: transdisciplinarity – interdisciplinarity – history of effect (Wirkungsgeschichte) – humanities – metahistory – Hans Georg Gadamer – Hayden White


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