Plzeňské sympozia

Jan Mergl

The Machine – Propeller of Handicraft? The Introduction of Machines in the Branches of Handicraft

pp. 161–165, summary p. 166

The conflict between handicraft production on the one hand and machine production

and industry brought various results in 19th century. The influence of machine

application, as evidenced by a comparison of glass making and china production in

the Bohemian Lands was manifested differently in different fields. The production

of decorative glass, building on the traditions of handicraft, was affected by the

machine potential and power only marginally and retained its handicraft values. In

china production, on the other hand, the machine played an important role and

enabled the development of serial and mass production. Its usage however at the same

time reduced the importance of the craft skills and talents needed earlier and relegated

the worker to the role of machine operator. This led to a clear artistic stagnation of

the production.


Key words: Bohemian Lands, 19th century, cultural history, glass, china, factory


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