Plzeňské sympozia

Lucia Almášiová

Czech Inspirations and Inputs in the Work of Slovak Ethnographer and Photographer Pavol Socháň

pp. 183–192 (Czech), Summary 191–192 (English)

Inspirations from the Czech and Moravian environment have not been researched much in the survey of the work of Slovak photographer Pavol Socháň. In the first part, the essay examines his studies at Czech schools as well as his subject, which could have been provided to him by his teachers Miroslav Tyrš, Josef Píč, Otakar Hostinský and Josef Durdík; it also looks at Socháň’s activities in various associations. The second part of the text focuses on specific contacts with representatives from the museums in Olomouc, specifically at Ms. Vlasta Havelková and her sister Madlen Wankelová. The text also analyzes Socháň’s activities during the organization of the exhibit of Slovak needlework in 1887 in the Turiec town of St. Martin and in connection to the activities of Czech architect and amateur photographer Jan Koula. The last part of the text discusses the sample works used in the publicity of needlework and folk works, which could have influenced Socháň during the realization of his own sample photographic collections.

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