Plzeňské sympozia

Milena Lenderová

The Paris flood of 1910 and reactions in Prague

pp. 93–106 (Czech), Summary 105 (English), 106 (Deutsch)


The flood that hit Paris at the end of January 1910 was considered to be the flood of the century and the highest flood in the city since 1658. It resulted in the loss of human lives, and the economic damage was considerable, not only in Paris, but throughout Ile-de-France and Normandy. The author follows reactions to the flood at several levels: reports and commentaries from the ''serious'' press, reactions of the ''yellow'' press (the Parisian Le Petit Journal and Pražský ilustrovaný kurýr) including extensive illustrative material, reflections in sources of a personal nature (e.g. the diary of a French diplomat and the writer Paul Claudel). Taking into account the context of contemporary French-Czech communications, the author points out that the disaster in France came to be an opportunity for politically coloured expressions of solidarity for Parisians by Praguers.

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