Plzeňské sympozia

Milan Hlavačka

Local government and disaster. The Beroun flood in 1872

pp. 68–78 (Czech), Summary 77 (English), 78 (Deutsch)

The author analyses the activities of the local government and state administration during the disastrous flood of May 1872, which affected the town of Beroun and its surrounding area. This analysis indicates that the liberal local government, i.e. the municipal, district and provincial authorities, clearly showed unexpected competence and usefulness in situations that the legislators had not taken into consideration. The efforts of the district governor in Hořovice to block the initiative made by the Beroun local government to alleviate flood damage were unsuccessful thanks to the firm stand taken by the Beroun mayor Čeněk Mareš. For his rapid elimination of the flood damage, the mayor of Beroun could look forward to an imperial award, while the governor in Hořovice was transferred to other duties. Nevertheless, the provincial government and imperial coffers also had to make a contribution towards the long-term eradication of all the flood damage.

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