Plzeňské sympozia

Jan Mergl

The most famous fire in Plzeň

pp. 58–67 (Czech), Summary 66 (English), 67 (Deutsch)

The fire at St Bartholemew's Church in Plzeň, which took place after a lightning strike in February 1835, came to be an event that was long inscribed in the memories of contemporary witnesses. Details of its progress and aftermath were not only recorded in writing, but they also became the subject of poetry and in particular graphic art. How and why authors and artists at that time approached the subject of this tragic event is assessed in this paper. Attention is focused primarily on the graphic work of F. K. Klimsch, S. B. Konyard and F. Waldecker, while a comparison is made of the artistic and documentary value of these works and the reasons they were created.

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