Plzeňské sympozia

Lucie Kořínková

Nový kult as a Platform for the Socially excluded?

pp. 58–66 (Czech), Summary p. 67 (English)

This essay deals with the anarchist review Nový kult, published and edited by the author S.K. Neumann. The focus here is on the period after the year 1900, when Neumann pursued his self-proclaimed aims in attempting to transform what was originally a social and cultural magazine into a purely political mouthpiece which would have aspired to find a mass-scale repercussion among the working classes, and would thereby become an ideological platform for bringing together the “intellectual” and “pragmatically oriented” streams of the Czech anarchist movement. Basing herself in an analysis of the contents of Nový kult during the period under survey, as well as of how the journal’s editorial policy envisioned its model reader, the author concludes that the implementation of the periodical’s original vision ran up against major obstacles, ending up in a state of affairs where it catered much rather to the interests and concerns of a radically oriented young intelligentsia whose members were at that time still finding it hard to assert themselves in practical life.

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